Monkeypox: Another health emergency after Coronavirus

Introduction Monkeypox is a viral disease. World Health Organization has declared this communicable disease, ‘Monkey Pox’ as a global health emergency amid the rising cases and threats. It further declares its highest... Read more »

Kurdistan, the place you might be unaware of!

Introduction When we come across the Middle-East, we think of the seventeen countries which make up the Middle-East on world map. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Palestine, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Turkey,... Read more »

What is Afghanistan under Taliban really like?

Afghanistan is a landlocked country spreaded across Central and South Asia. This country is blessed with historical remains, beautiful mountains, fruits and food but unfortunately, this country is known more for high... Read more »

Countries which need immigrants desperately!

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First Human of Antartica

Antarctica Antarctica is the Earth’s southernmost continent. It is very large in size all covered with snow and ice. It is inhabitable for human beings and no one lives there except the... Read more »

Sealand: The world’s smallest country

We know about different countries in the world. Some are small, some are big. We expect every country to have a considerable amount of people, government, schools, universities and so on. But,... Read more »

Hagia Sophia… A Mosque or a Church?

Turkey, officially known as ‘Republic of Turkey’ is a country located in Asia as well as Europe. Hagia Sophia is an ancient structure which is considered in UNESCO World Heritage Site. History... Read more »

UAE launches mission to mars!

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an Asian country located in the Middle-East. This country is under a constitutional monarch, ruled by Mr. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Since 1970s, the world noticed... Read more »

North Sentinel Island: One of The Most Dangerous Place on Planet

The world has shrunk a lot with the ease in communication and reach. Today, we can all reach almost anywhere in the world and communicate with different people but still, there are... Read more »

12 countries without Coronavirus!

Coronavirus is a virus discovered in 2019 which is highly communicable and dangerous. The Coronavirus Disease (COVID) outbreak started from Wuhan, China and then spreaded across the world in December 2019, and... Read more »