Russia’s biggest geopolitical mistake

Alaska is an US state located in the northwest region of North America. It is bordered by Canada through land and with Russia through maritime boundary. It is the largest American state... Read more »

The Indian Telecom Industry – Challenges & Future Aspects

India is the world’s second largest telecommunications market with about 1.17 billion subscribers as of 2022. According to Forbes India, this industry contributes about 6% to the Indian GDP. The third-largest industry... Read more »

Modi Government hits hard on Indian R&D, contradicts themselves

The Indian Financial Budget of 2022 launched in February 2022 is widely praised as well as criticized. Modi Government is known for coming up with new schemes, bills and various decisions frequently... Read more »

Just a few of Indian tycoons who built empires.

India is considered a great country for sourcing intelligent minds. Despite the British Indian dictatorship where native Indians were not provided power, there are thousands of still-in-business Indian corporations which were established... Read more »

What does Hinduism say about meat-eating?

Sanaatanism (Sanaatan Dharm), popularly called as ‘Hinduism’, is considered the oldest surviving religion in the world. There are number of holy scriptures, majorly written by the sage/prophet, Ved Vyas. The religion doesn’t... Read more »

Dr. Kaushik Basu’s radical idea of legalising corruption…

Article The Czech writer, Milan Kundera, is popular for his exile storey from his own nation and his views on comparing families with countries. From childhood, we are used to calling all... Read more »

Head of states who are dual-nationals

There are sixteen individuals in the world who are the heads or president or prime ministers of their country as well as holders of dual-citizenship. Here are those: Andrej Babiš Andrej Babiš,... Read more »

Indian Government started charging tax on EPF too.

EPF stands for ’employee provident fund’. It is a scheme brought by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation under the Indian Government. This scheme ask the employees to pay certain contribution towards the... Read more »

Countries which need immigrants desperately!

The world is developing with a lightening speed with the help of efficient management, leadership, proper use of human resource and inventions. But, we also witness widespread of increasing human population which... Read more »

Modi announces new Cabinet staff – complete list

On July 7, 2021, the big news of Cabinet reshuffle in India came into the the light. The Indian Government under BJP reshuffled many ministers and staff in different ministries of India.... Read more »