What does CAB and NRC 2019 actually say?

Whar is CAB 2019 in India?


CAB stands for ‘Citizenship Amendment Bill’. It is also known as ‘Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)’. It is a legislation passed by the Parliament of India with Home Ministry of India under Mr. Amit Shah (the Indian Home Minister) and Mr. Narendra Modi (the Indian Prime Minister).

NRC stands for ‘National Registry of Citizens’. It is a registry maintained by the government containing name and certain relevant information. This was applied only for Assam. But now, it will be applied for all states of India and there are some changes it.

What does the bill say?

  • The bill amends to give a path for getting Indian citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and Parsis belonging to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar who have entered the country, legally or illegally and staying in India legally or illegally by December 31, 2014.
  • The bill also changes the naturalization process by relaxing the limit. Now, people can become Indian citizens with residence requirement of 5 years rather than 11 years.

What does NRC presently say?

Image result for nrc assamIt is the updation of record of Indian citizens living in Assam with all their required details. It will be updated as per the Citizenship Amendment Act, 1955.
Official website: www.assam.gov.in

What does the “updated” NRC say?

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  • NRC will be conducted all over India.
  • It will effectively identify the illegal immigrants.
  • The illegal immigrants will be detained or deported back to their country except the people who follow Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism and Zoroastrian religion. In other words, all illegal immigrants will be accepted except Muslims.

Are CAB and NRC linked?

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The Indian Home Minister, Mr. Amit Shah stated in one of his interview by Aaj Tak team in the show named as ‘Agenda Aaj Tak 2019’ that there is no link between CAB and NRC. Though, the situation and this linkage is still unclear as both the things are coming out together and will work together.

What will happen?

  • Pakistani/Afghan/Bangladeshi/Burmese Muslims settled before December 31, 2014, illegally, will not get citizenship and will be detained or deported.
  • Pakistani/Afghan/Bangladesh/Burmese nationals who are Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains or Parsis settled before December 31, 2014, illegally, will get citizenship.
  • Indian citizenship will become easier to claim.
  • There will be division among people of other religions and people following Islam for the time and maybe future.

What is government’s logic?

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Government claims to help the religious minorities suffering in their respective countries. Thus, would like to give citizenship.

Debatable topics

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  1. India along with Indian Constitution was made secular then why is it played around on the basis of religion?
  2. Government claims to protect the religious minorities, then why Ahmadiyas (which is considered out of Islam) are excluded? They are facing much more injustice than other minorities.
  3. Are those minorities, India’s responsibility? If yes, why?
  4. Can India really afford NRC all over the country? How will the Indians prove themselves of being Indian?
  5. Why only religion is the base selected for protecting the people? There are other major reasons too which will make people migrate, for example, financial and safety reasons?
  6.  What is the proof that the the illegal immigrants migrated just because of religious fear?
  7. What is the proof that the illegal migrants except are of the specified religions? Note: Religion is specified only on Pakistani passport.
  8. Is it fine for the illegal migrants to convert their religion before migrating to India and ask for the Indian citizenship? If not, how will the government distinguish?
  9. Where only Muslims will be detained or deported? Is following a particular religion a crime?
  10. If India aims to protect the minorities, then why only three or four countries are chosen? Minorities are suffering in other countries too.
  11. Why the Internet is banned in number of parts of India? Why is the ‘Right To Speech’ violated?
  12. Why Indians require to specify their religion everywhere to get their passports after October 2018?
  13. Why Burmese Muslims (especially Rohinya Muslims) facing injustice in their country are not included? They are also minorities.
  14. Why is there no action against the illegal immigrants? Is it okay to illegally migrate to other countries for various reasons?
  15. Why only illegal migrants before December 31, 2014 are concerned to be protected by the government? Why not the people after it? Are those migrants safe in their countries?

In the country

Image result for cab 2019 protest
In various parts of the country like Delhi, Assam, West Bengal and so on, Indians (of different religions) are protesting against this where the Indians standing for this act are opposing them.
There are curfews, fights, misunderstandings, protests, killings and destruction happening. The safety is concerned at this moment.


It is to be noted that the blog posts written by me doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments or points of view. It is truly painful to know about the religious minorities suffering in different countries, I have sympathy for them and I support them. I don’t intend to go against or for any individual, group, practice or religion. 

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