Dark Side of the Internet “Gangsters”: Tate Brothers

Tate brothers, Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate are two biological brothers who label themselves as “Top Gs” where ‘Gs’ stands for ‘gangsters’. These two brothers started gaining global popularity after Andrew Tate was kicked out of British Big Brother Season 17 (2016) television following the spread of a video which showed him belting a woman and passing derogatory comments on her. Later, both brothers gained immense global fame because of their immoral, lewd and blasphemous views. Further, Andrew Tate became the third-most searched personality on Google in 2023 amid the curiosity of people especially teenagers and single men.

Before we dive deeper into their controversies, we will first get a brief idea about their origin and history even though it is not widely available to public.


Andrew Tate (born in 1986) and Tristian Tate (born in 1988) are American-British Entrepreneurs, Social Media Influencers and Former Kickboxers born in Washington, USA to an interracial couple, Emory Tate (black) and Eileen Tate (white) who gave birth to three children. They both are often seen on social media with their controversial content through podcasts, interviews and their tweets (X). Tristian doesn’t have anything standout of his own, he just follows the footsteps of his elder brother supporting him and being a part of his actions.

Their father, Emory Tate was an American Chess Player and US Air Force Sergeant who was a linguist having university-level education and represented US internationally in chess achieving International Master (IM) title.

Following the divorce of their parents in 1997, the mother being a British, left to UK with her kids including Tate brothers and raised them as a single mother. It is reported that the mother remarried later on but we don’t have authentic source for that.

In 2005, the Tate brothers became Kickboxers receiving enough recognition and popularity amid their achievements and commendable performance.

From 2011, the Tate brothers got into full-time entrepreneurship establishing various business ventures in the industries like adultery, pimping, entertainment and music. Their most successful ventures were adultery and pimping. They used to hire, force, blackmail and/or lure hundreds of women, including their so-called girlfriends and sexual partners to use them as products for various services like escort services, x-rated videos, live video calls, live streams (all mostly for explicit content and activities) and lewd photo sharing. He allegedly managed models at adult websites like Chaturbate, Camsoda, OnlyFans etc. and might of owned a couple of certain x-rated websites too. Daily Mirror UK reported that they even made millions through their webcam business selling explicit content and emotional sob stories to desperate men.

Since 2011, he has been in legal troubles because of his shady businesses and tax evasions.

In 2014, he was accused of rape and assault by two women.

In July 2015, he was arrested in 2015 by certain British law enforcement forces on the charges of rape and assault.

In December 2015, he was again arrested in UK on the suspicion of rape and sending horribly lewd messages as reported by Law&Crime Network.

In 2016, Andrew Tate appeared on the British TV show, Big Brother Season 17 (2016) where he was removed within a couple of days because of his controversial remarks on his sexist, homophobic and racist remarks. On the top of this, a sexual video showcasing him hitting a woman with belt and passing lewd comments on her was being circulated making the management kick him out.

The video was reported to the mass by Daily Star.

In 2017, he left United Kingdom and started his life in Romania amid legal troubles.

In 2019, to start a new source of income, whitewash his public image and gain public support/sympathy, he started social media influencing flexing his rich lifestyle where he showcased his foreign trips, expensive cars, rare watches, premium clothing, attending parties and so on. He proudly “flexed” his extremely high body count (number of sexual partners), huge number of past girlfriends, keeping a lot of women around him, immodest clothing, alcohol consumption, smoking and so on to attract desperate people (especially young men and teenagers). He promoted an immoral and toxic culture among the masses for his own personal agenda.

He also started producing cringe music videos with derogatory lyrics and actions. He had to later delete those music videos because it did nothing but a mockery on him. ‘Sugar Daddy’ and ‘Suicide’ are two of his deleted yet popular music videos.

His officially deleted videos can still be found online uploaded through anonymous channels:


In 2021, Andrew Tate launched Hustler’s University (now known as The Real World) which is an online education platform selling courses and consultation services in the fields of investment (finance), copywriting, marketing, business management and so on. This is a membership-based platform for which the plans start from $49.99 (USD) and go upto $850 (USD) operating fully online.

On April 2022, US Embassy in Bucharest, Romania received a report that women (including at least one American citizen) were held hostage in a property owned by the Tate Brothers in Romania. Amid this, Romanian Police raided the property finding four women who claimed to be held against their will.

In December 2022, the Tate Brothers got arrested and jailed by the Romanian Police on the charges of rape, human trafficking, assault and pimping. Ironically, he had a female lawyer while he has been found talking controversial things about females.

It was the same month Andrew decided to accept Islam as his religion converting from his birth religion, Christianity while Tristian remains as a Christian.

From January 2023, he is found mocking and showing hate on different religions leading to blasphemy. For example, talking about haram (anti-Islamic elements) despite his conversion, talking about how Sikhs are not doing enough, Hinduism not being upto the mark, calling out Christianity not strong anymore and talking derogatory examples on Jesus (holy in both Christianity and Islam).

{Note: The Profound Report is strictly against blasphemy, hence, we have not quoted the exact words by him to prevent spreading of such shameful remarks.}

In 2023, thanks to his derogatory remarks, sexist behaviours, promotion of immoral activities and high criminal charges, he was found to be the third-most searched person on Google Search in the world.

In March 2024, UK released another arrest warrant against Tate brothers for sexual aggression.

In May 2024, four women brought a civil case against him to sue him for injuries and harassment.


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