‘The Profound Report’ is an educational website launched on 26 January 2019 across the Web with the motive of sharing and discussing over international relations, politics, business & finance, history and religions/cultures. This website is founded by the Content Writer, Dhruv Shahrawat.

This website comes with regular articles and books categorized into fixed categories of World, Politics, History, Religions/Cultures/Traditions, Education, Business/Finance and Travelling/Immigration. This site not only enable the readers to read and gather knowledge, but it also gives them opportunity to share their views and discuss through the comment sections, social media and the forums.

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A Note to the Readers

All of the information provided here is thoroughly checked and confirmed. The proves and artifacts are attached as ‘references’ through the articles. One can always appeal to the Content Writer or contact him if the content is not following the guidlines. To contact him, do visit the contact page of this website. Do follow the the founder’s Quora account.

Happy reading!

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About the Owner

His photo clicked in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Dhruv Shahrawat is an Indian personality born in Northern part of his country. Currently, a Content Writer and an enthusiast in knowing and sharing knowledge about different countries of the world, international affairs & relations, cultures of the world and historical facts. Academically, a person who is really keen to study commerce and business management. His political views vary with the demography, history and form of the country.

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