9 Facts about India-Pakistan Partition, You May Not Know!

The partition of India and Pakistan was a no doubt a distruction for both of the countries. Here are some of the lesser-known facts about it:

  • Pakistan got Independence on the 14th and India on the 15th of August because the Viceroy of India, Mountbatten wanted to personally attend both Pakistan’s and India’s Independence ceremony.
  • After the partition, Pakistan got 1/3rd of the Indian Army, 2 out of 6 major metropolitan cities and 40% of the railways lines. 
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  • In 1941, Karachi, the first capital of Pakistan had 46.7% of Hindus and now, there are less than a percent of them. 
  • Before 1947, there were more than 1/3rd of Muslims in Delhi and as on 2011, there are only 12.9% of them. (Karachi and Delhi before 1947)
  • Image result for people killed during partitionAround 20,00,000 people were killed during the partition.
1947 | Disney Wiki | Fandom
  • Disney films were screened in some of the refugee camps, with as many as 15,000 people watching. 
  • Pakistan Currency: Not Pakistani Rupee but Pakistan used Indian rupee as  currency for almost one year after Independence - Here's why | India NewsUntil 1948, Pakistan used Indian currency bank notes, over-stamped with ‘Pakistan’ on the notes, then later, they came out with their currency (PKR). 
  • Related imageAfter the partition, conditions between Hindus and Muslims (the true brothers and sisters) became really bad where British rule played a major role in filling hatred between them. This led to major curfews and riots. Because of Pakistan, Indian Muslims are stereotyped.
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  • There would not have been partition, if the British government did not play with the country.



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