Why Israel didn’t thank India?


Due to the recent enroachment of Palestinian homes by Israeli Government, the violence and hatred again erupted like a volcano. There has been reports of killings, hate speeches and attacks resulting in a nuclear war between Hamas (an extremist Palestinian group) and Israeli Government.

The conflict of Israel and Palestine is ongoing since 1948. To understand the history and analyse the roots of the same, we can visit TPR’s exclusive report over the issue: Israel-Palestine Conflict: Explained

It is a really basic strategy that whenever a country is under war or any conflict, it usually gives it best to strengthen foreign relations by gathering support from various other countries. The same thing is done by both Israel and Palestine.

On May 16, Israel’s Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged and thanked about 25 countries through a Tweet over his official Twitter handle. The 25 countries include USA, Albania, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Ukraine. Here is the Tweet for reference:

In the Tweet, we can clearly see that Israel does not acknowledge India’s support despite so much hype by some of the Indians over their unconditional support to Israel.

Now, the question is, why did Israel neglected india?

This is because of the following reasons:

  • There are only certain number of Indians who support Israel. While, we also find a lot of Indians supporting Palestine too.
  • The Government of India recognised Palestine as a country. Moreover, it was the first non-Arab state to recoginise Palestine in 1974. (Source: Indian Ministry of External Affairs)
  • After the recent encroachment by Israeli Government, India officially addressed under United Nations in support of Palestine.
  • Here is a part of the Indian Ambassador speaking at UNSC in favour of Palestine.
  • On May 16, India openly condemned all the acts of violence and supports Palestine. It also further stated that a two-state solution (independence to Palestine) is required.

Here is the official statement:

  • The India-Palestine relations are much better than India-Israel relations. A basic example can be seen where Palestine exempts Indians for a need of visa to visit the state while Israel has guidelines for Indians to apply valid visas.

Hence, India supports Palestine officially. This is reason why Israel never acknowledged India.


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