Vikas Dubey’s case: Explained

Vikas Dubey, born in 1962, somewhere in Uttar Pradesh, India was a Indian history-sheeter and a gangster popularly known for his multiple crimes and illegal businesses. It is believed that he had more than 60 criminal cases in court which included murders, robberies, kidnapping, smugglings and so on. He had significant connections with most of the leading political parties in India.

If we really want to know more about his criminal records and allegations, it will take a lot of time and will need a separate multiple articles for that. This shows how big this mafia was.

What happened recently?

Kanpur encounter: House of gangster Vikas Dubey demolished by ...
Vikas Dubey’s bungalow destroyed
Courtesy: ANI

Vikas Dubey resided in multiple locations to prevent himself from getting arrested. Though, his main residence was in his bungalow located in Kanpur city of India.

Uttar Pradesh Police planned to attack his bungalow and arrest the gangster confidentially but this plan was leaked and went to the gangster which made him well-prepared for the situation. Being a heartless criminal, he attacked the Police and killed about 8 policemen in the gun fight. The governmental authorities also decided to destroy his bungalows and cars in search of more leads. (Reference: Another article)

Killing those policemen, he escaped leaving policemen shocked.

Summing up all the incidents, after July 3, 2020, almost all the gang members working under this mafia were directly encountered. Here is the list of them:

  • Prabhat Mishra

On July 9, 2020, Prabhat Mishra, a gang member of Vikas Dubey was gunned down by police where police claims that he attempted to escape where they encountered him. (Reference: news)

  • Ranveer Shukla

Ranveer Shukla was also a gang member who was shot down by a policeman where police claims that he tried to escape with a stolen car.(Reference: Jagran)

  • Bauaa Dubey

Another gang member shot down by police where police claims him of trying to harm policemen. (Reference: Live Hindustan)

  • Amar Dubey

Amar Dubey was Vikas Dubey’s henchman who was also encountered by police amid trying to escape. (Reference: report)

  • Prakash Pandey

Another gang member encountered by police where similar reason was given. (Reference: report)

  • Atul Dubey

Atul Dubey was also encountered by police. (Reference: TOI)

  • etc.

Finally the head gangster

A photo of Vikas Dubey clicked when he was arrested

One July 9, 2020, the head gangster, Vikas Dubey was arrested in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India by Madhya Pradesh Police. (Reference: report)

On July 10, 2020, the head gangster, Vikas Dubey was being transported to another venue with the police’s supervision in the SUV car, Mahindra TUV300. On the way, he was encountered by a policeman. The police claims that the gangster tried to harm policemen and escape resulting an accident where car was overturned offroad.

After learning about such incidents, many of us would be amazed to see so many coincidences where police needed to encounter all of the gangsters.

Was this fake?

Many experts and seniors claim this to be a planned encounter which was fake. Though, investigation for this encounter is still going on and there are so such results from court.

There is no direct answer to this, but yes, there are some points which make people think that it was a planned and fake. Here are those points:

  1. Different car
Vikas Dubey minutes before encounter

Minutes before the encounter, police was found transporting the gangster in a white coloured Tata Safari. While, it was reported that he was sitting in TUV300.

2. Media was restricted

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During the travel, certain media channels decided to follow policemen’s car but those policemen didn’t allow them to do so. Why was it so? (Reference: The Wire)

3. No sight of accident

Car accident

This is a picture of the car where he was sitting later which met with an accident. We really do not see any chance of car getting overturned. The car is not hit from any side. Most surprisingly, there are no marks of tyre neither on the road nor on the soil (offroad) which are always caused with car put heavy brakes.

4. No bystanders or witnesses

Vikas Dubey Killed: Heard Gunshots, Cops Asked Us To Leave ...

After the encounter, media channels asked the locals nearby and bystanders about this encounter. All of them replied that none of them heard or saw any accidents. They just only heard gunshots. (Reference: interviews of locals)

5. Not really possible to snatch guns with handcuff

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Vikas Dubey’s hands must be handcuffed in the car where at least 4 policemen were in the same car. This looks really weird that the gangster snatched a gun and tried to escape. It is not at all simple.

Even if this encountered is planned, what’s wrong in this?

Many of us will be happy to hear the news of a mafia getting killed. This is even right but to a certain point.

Here are the points that prove this alleged planned encounter to be wrong:

  • Most of the hidden treasures are now hidden forever.
  • It is now really difficult for the authorities to fetch out all the individuals (which may include politicians, businessmen, policemen etc.) who were somewhere a part of him.
  • There are more cases of police encountering criminals in the past and this cannot go on forever. Court cases, researches and interrogations are really essential.
  • In this case, the justice is actually not delivered. There are certain protocols and rules which give decisions and announce the applicable justice.
  • This is not an end. Encountering criminals may not stop new criminals to come out.

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