A strategy to bring peace and development in Israel-Palestine region [Opinon]

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is one of the most horrific and complex conflict in the world. To read about the history of this conflict visit: Explaination of Israel-Palestine Dispute

This has been an ongoing conflict with valid arguements from all the all the sides.

Israel-Palestine dispute is very complex and a proper unbiased division seems somewhat unlikely given the fact that it is a land made up of diversity whether it be in terms of religions, cultures, languages or beliefs. For such a conflict, I believe no solution will be better than formation of a secular (or inclusivity all religions and identities) republic which is the one-state solution.

The Imagination based on Personal Opinion

The country can be named as ‘United States of Israel and Palestine’ since it will be formed after the union of two different states under one federal government which will give equal rights and opportunities to everyone.

Imaginary flag:

The royal blue colour symbolises Judaism and divine faith (the lord and the sky). The white colour symbolises peace, inclusiveness, humanity and unity. The green colour symbolises Islam, nature and growth. The golden colour of ‘tree of life’ symbol illustrate the Christianity and eternal values. The symbol of ‘tree of life’ is a concept present in all Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) which symbolises spirituality and righteousness and ultimately the unity.


Official languages will include Arabic and Hebrew.

National anthem:

An anthem made with combination of Arabic and Hebrew lines.


Secular and democratic

Major religions:

Islam, Judaism, Christianity, atheism, Druzism and other.


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