Mi Band 5 finally showed its look.

‘Mi Band Series’ is a series of smartbands launched by the Chinese company, Xiaomi Corporation. The band under this series was the Mi Band (the first smartband by Xiaomi). This band came into market in July 2014 and made a good reputation. This series came up with a brand new face and gained a lot of changes when Mi Band 3 was launched. This was the first smartband which was touchscreen and had comparatively a lot of user interaction.

Know more about Mi Band 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZzbL6ooQl4

From the history, we understand that Xiaomi launches successors of its bands almost a year later. The lastest smartband (Mi Band 4) was launched in May 2018. Hence, it is time for the new upcoming Mi Band 5!

To know the complete actual specifications for this smartband, visit:

Mi Band 5: Complete specifications

Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 launched: A full-featured fitness tracker at a ...

On June 11, 2020, Xiaomi, for the first time teased their new Mi Band 5 through their social media handle.

Here is the post:

Xiaomi’s Tweet

This is not information about this product as of now, moreover, there are a lot of rumours spreading across the web which is creating confusion and suspense.

Here is all we know:

  • Mi Band 5 has 1.1 inches display which is slightly bigger screen than the predecessor, Mi Band 4 having 0.95 inches display.
  • Smaller bezels.
  • 2.5D tempered glass panel.
  • There are new modes in-built like elliptical, rowing machine, jump rope, indoor cycling and Yoga.
  • It will come out with blood oxygen tracking (Sp02), women’s health, PAI scoring system etc.
  • It will support magnetic charging
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 magnetic charging
Magnetic charging in Mi Band 5.
  • The global version of the band will support NFC while the Chinese version will support XiaoAI voice assistant too.

To know the complete actual specifications for this smartband, visit:

Mi Band 5: Complete specifications

The company also uploaded the same post on their Facebook page. Here is the post:

Xiaomi’s Facebook post

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