Places Emiratis cannot visit!

Places where one cannot visit with an Emirati passport.

UAE citizens not allowed

Emirati passport is given to the citizens of United Arab Emirates (UAE), often referred as ‘Emiratis’. The Emirati passport is the world’s most powerful passport as per Global Passport Ranking 2019. Still, there are countries where Emiratis cannot visit as they are prohibited to come.

Here are the countries where Emiratis cannot visit:

1. Qatar

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Qatar is a country located in Arab Peninsula. It compromises of arid desert and a long coastline. Doha, the capital of the country is popular for job/business opportunities, futuristic skyscrapers and a man-made island (The Pearl).
Emiratis are restricted to visit this country due to some political reasons. 

2. Lebanon

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Lebanon is a country in West Asia, bordered with Syria and Israel.
Emiratis are restricted to visit this country, though, some reports say that the government may lift up the ban.

3. Karabakh

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Nagorno-Karabakh, also known as Artsakh is a landlocked country with mountain ranges.
Emiratis are restricted to visit this country.


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