When the inventor of Nuclear Weapon “quoted” Bhagavad Geeta.

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The Disputes of DRC & Uganda

Introduction Uganda is a landlocked country located in East Africa. It is known for having diverse cultures, mountain ranges, lakes and rare birds. Democratic Republic of Congo is the second-largest African country... Read more »

Persecution of Hindus around the world

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China and USA tensions over Taiwan.

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The Indian Telecom Industry – Challenges & Future Aspects

India is the world’s second largest telecommunications market with about 1.17 billion subscribers as of 2022. According to Forbes India, this industry contributes about 6% to the Indian GDP. The third-largest industry... Read more »

The Lost Nuclear in The Hill

In 1960s, the world was under suffering from certain geopolitical failures as the cold war was active. USA was trying its best to suppress communism and Soviet influence on the world map.... Read more »

Insights on Somalia-Kenya Border Dispute

Introduction Somalia, officially known as ‘Federal Republic of Somalia’ is an African country in the ‘Horn of Africa’. It is popular for ocean pirates, unstable government, poverty, natural biodiversity, national parks and... Read more »

Monkeypox: Another health emergency after Coronavirus

Introduction Monkeypox is a viral disease. World Health Organization has declared this communicable disease, ‘Monkey Pox’ as a global health emergency amid the rising cases and threats. It further declares its highest... Read more »

Modi Government hits hard on Indian R&D, contradicts themselves

The Indian Financial Budget of 2022 launched in February 2022 is widely praised as well as criticized. Modi Government is known for coming up with new schemes, bills and various decisions frequently... Read more »

An alternative political plan for India: Republic of Bhaarat (Opinion)

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