How to make a good Informatics Practices project for class 12 (CBSE)?

How to make a good Informatics Practices project for class 12 of CBSE!

Informatics Practices is a CBSE subject for class 11 and class 12. The subject code of this subject is 065. This subject deals with basics of computer, language and database management.
In class 12, students are required to make an individual project which will be of five marks. It is to be acknowledged and submitted by school to CBSE. It will help in external viva too.
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This 5 marker project is to be submitted in a file with printed pages having acknowledgement, index, preface and some amount of theory.
The main part of this project is the practical part, which is creation of a program. We need to show the coding, GUI interface and the output of the program by the written code and screenshots. The program is made up of back-end and front-end working. Back-end is to be made using MySQL software and front-end is to be made using the NetBeans software. After creation of project, it is to be presented in form of print-outs in a file created using MS Word or any other software.
Download the required softwares:
Microsoft Word: Download 
(Microsoft Word is a part of paid software. Apache OpenOffice Writer and Google Docs are two free alternatives where Google Docs work online only (for PC).
Note: The link provided for downloading the files are based on the CBSE prescribed versions and softwares.
We are free to choose the topic of making the project. We can think ourselves and start working on it. We can make anything we like or feel comfortable with.
Here are some common topics:
  • Hotel Management
  • Bus Booking System
  • Tiffin Booking System
  • Hospital Management
  • Mobile Service Center
  • College Management
  • School Management
  • Cab Booking
  • Employee Management
  • Bank Management
  • Hotel Booking
  • Travel agency management – Complete project coming soon
  • Train Ticket Booking
  • Airways Ticket Booking
  • Movie Ticket Booking
  • Super Market Billing
  • Hotel Billing
  • Restaurant Billing
  • Sales Billing
  • Shopping Mart
  • Transport booking
  • Train booking
  • and so on.

Choose the topic wisely and goodluck! TPR will roll out a sample project for ‘travel agency’. Stay tuned to see and access that upcoming project.
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