Explore Qatar in 2 days!

How can we explore the best of Qatar in just 2 days!

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Image result for qatar flagQatar is a peninsular Arab country famous for futuristic skyscrapers, deserts, beaches and shores. It is a small country with big heart. There are also man-made islands in this country.

Presenting tips and tricks to explore the best of Qatar in 2 days.

When to visit?

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  • November and December are recommended months to visit.

Where to stay?

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  • Sovereign Hotel, Doha is preferred as it is one of the cheapest and best hotel in the country. The tariff goes as low as ₹1,900/night (101.1 QAR). One can book his/her hotel from Agoda, MakeMyTrip etc. It is highly recommend to use Trivago to compare prices. 

How to reach?

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  • SkyScanner and Google Flights are one of the best means to find cheap flights to and fro. Flights to Doha, Qatar from Delhi, India can be found as low as ₹11,000 (one-way), if booked before a significant time. One can book the flight 4 months prior to his/her visit.

How to travel?

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  • The best means to travel around the country is by bus and local taxis. ‘Karwa Taxis’ is a good taxi service in Qatar providing comparatively cheap rates. We must bargain to get fair price. Though, using a bus is the best and cheapest way to travel. A taxi fare usually is 1.5 QAR/km (₹28.16/km).

Where to visit?

Here are the top ten places which are recommended to visit to see the best of the country:

  • National Museum of Qatar
  • Souq Waqif
  • Doha Corniche
  • The Pearl
  • Lulu
  • Fuwairit Beach
  • Mall of qatar
  • Villaggio Mall
  • Aspire Park
  • Desert

How to cover everything?


On the first day, we can cover the following nearby places:

  • National Museum of Qatar
Image result for National Museum of Qatar
National Museum of Qatar is a museum located in Doha city opened on March 28, 2019. The museum depicts the history and remains of the country. The design of the museum is inspired from desert rose.
One may visit this place and can cover it in 15 minutes.

  • Souq Waqif
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Souq Waqif is a marketplace in Doha. ‘Souq’ is noted for selling traditional stuffs (like garments, spices, accessories, handicraft and so on). It is a home to traditional restaurants as well. It is a good place to experience the tradition and culture of the country.
One may visit this place and can cover it in 30 minutes.

  • Doha Corniche
Image result for Doha Corniche
Doha Corniche is a waterfront promenade extending along Doha Bay in Doha
One may spend time here for 20 minutes.

  • The Pearl
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The Pearl is an artificial island made on a sea in Qatar. It is one of the biggest real estate development in the Middle-East. It is popular for the residencies, hotels, beaches and restaurants.
One may spend time here for 30 minutes.

  • Lulu
Image result for lulu doha
Lulu is a hypermarket situated in Doha. It is one of the biggest shop in the country. It is good for shopping.
One may shop here for 30 minutes.

  • Fuwairit Beach
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Fuwairit Beach is one of the best beach in the country. It is very clean, pleasant, crowded and comes with cinematic views.
One may spend time here for 30 minutes.


The second day, we can cover these places:

  • Mall of Qatar

Image result for Mall of Qatar

    ‘Mall of Qatar’ is a mall in Qatar. It is the biggest mall in the country popular for the significant size, shops, eateries and so on.
    One may spend 1 hour here.
    • Villaggio Mall

    Image result for Villaggio Mall

      Villaggio Mall is a mall in Qatar. It is popular for the architecture, shops, water body and streets inside it.
      One may spend here around 40 minutes.
      • Aspire Park

      Image result for aspire park night

        Aspire Park is a park located inside Aspire Zone in the southern district of Al Waab. It is Doha’s biggest park and a good place to spend time, have picnic and view the Aspire Tower especially in night. One may spend here around 30 minutes.
        • Sealine Beach

        Image result for sealine beach quad biking

        Sealine Beach is located in Mesaieed city. It is a beach which is controlled by Sealine Resort. We can enjoy the beach, perform water-sports, sunbath and enjoy the view. It also has a desert where we can perform various activities like quad-biking, desert safari, monster ride and so on. One may spend here around 1 hour 30 minutes.

        — — — — — — — — — — —
        This is how we can experience the best of the country within 48 hours.


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